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Paragon Acquisitions are a privately owned marketing firm in Southampton, Hampshire. The company was founded in response to a demand by local area consumers and businesses for a more effective, personal, and results-driven approach.

Press releases

Paragon Worldwide Take Inspiration from Controversial Psychologist

In a recent meeting with young sales and marketing professionals, Paragon Worldwide looked at the work of controversial Psychologist John Watson... read more

Press Release • 15.06.2016 • By Paragon Acquisitions

Paragon Worldwide Delve into the Inspiring Story of Stephen Curry

To inspire their contractors to persevere and create a winner’s mentality, sales and marketing firm Paragon Worldwide recently shared the... read more

Press Release • 23.05.2016 • By Paragon Acquisitions

Paragon Acquisitions’ valuable guide to mastering the Art of Small Talk

In order to help new entrepreneurs gain confidence in networking, Paragon Acquisitions has offered their advice on mastering the art of small... read more

Press Release • 07.09.2015 • By Paragon Acquisitions

Why Have a Role Model? Asks Paragon Acquisitions

Paragon Acquisitions investigates the importance of having a role model in order to establish personal goals. It has long been recognized by... read more

Press Release • 18.08.2015 • By Paragon Acquisitions

Network Like a Pro With Paragon Acquisitions Advice

Networking is an essential element in business, and entrepreneurs must master the skill of networking in order to develop relationships that could... read more

Press Release • 12.08.2015 • By Paragon Acquisitions

Can You Ever Really Predict Customer Behaviour? Ask Paragon Acquisitions

With so much competition threatening to steal customers away with innovative new products and solutions, reading customer behaviour and... read more

Press Release • 13.04.2015 • By Paragon Acquisitions

Event Marketing Could Help the UK’s Struggling High Streets Claim...

Despite consumer spending currently experiencing a steady rise, high street foot fall is still way lower than retailers estimated. Event marketing... read more

Press Release • 06.03.2015 • By Paragon Acquisitions

Paragon Acquisitions Responds to Claims that an Increasing Number of New...

New research claims that 55% of small and medium enterprises (SME's) are failing within the first five years. Sales and marketing firm Paragon... read more

Press Release • 06.11.2014 • By Paragon Acquisitions

Paragon Acquisitions: Are you struggling with company culture?

There's more to creating a positive company culture than setting up a pool table in the office, or offering workers free food. Sales and... read more

Press Release • 14.10.2014 • By Paragon Acquisitions

Paragon Acquisitions Inspired by London Leadership Seminar

On Saturday 11th October, Paragon Acquisitions attended a leadership seminar at the Hilton Hotel, Tower Bridge. The firm were inspired by the... read more

Press Release • 14.10.2014 • By Paragon Acquisitions